Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kind words about a tough event

One of the big hits on the Connemarathon facebook this week has been the comments made by club member David Hawcroft after the Ultra.
David had reached a crisis point in the race but the kindness and encouragement of a race official was crucial in encouraging him to complete the race.

I was running down Killiary Fiord quickly getting more shattered in that wind and by the time I got to the turn in Lennane I had had enough. I asked this marshal (who was really an angel just come down for some work experience) about transfer back to Maam when she persuaded me into the cafe, then BOUGHT me a pot of tea, and when I came out suggested in the gentlest possible way that I could possibly walk/jog the mere 13 miles to the finish. Which I did and got the ultra medal!! I am British but have lived here for 15 years or so, and what I like about Ireland is - the Irish people. David Hawcroft

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