Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tri an Mhi duathlon in Summerhill

Tri An Mhi held its January Duathlon from Summerhill Wood on Sunday 29
January. The Trim AC results were as follows, Quinton Bourke 1hr 02min 26sec
15,Ciaran Tobin 1hr 10min 40sec 30,Paul Smith 1hr 11min 41sec 32. The Tri an
Mhi club has planned another duathlon for Sunday, February 27 at 9:00am at
Summerhill Wood. The format will be 3 km Run (1 lap of Summerhill Wood -
Trail Run) 17 km Bike on the Summerhill- Kilcock road. 3 km Run (1 lap of
Summerhill Wood - Trail Run). Tri An Mhi would like to encourage anyone
interested in a personal challenge to come along and try out this event,
we'll help you on the road to your first triathlon this year. (Beginners and
complete beginners welcome!) This is aimed at men AND women.

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