Thursday, October 25, 2012

David Hawcrofts BLOOMFIELD report

Did a very interesting 10k today at Broomfield (turn right at Geraghty's
concrete between Slane and Collon) and would heartily recommend members put
it on their calendar for next year. Turns out Broomfield is an extremely
small village which has an annual 10k event tor raise money for a charity
(but this year to re-paint their community centre), and it was really heart
warming to see this tiny community in action. In the end there were only 13
runners, with about 40 walkers of all standards. (This included the whole
range from toddlers on bikes with stabilisers to some really old locals just
going up to the first turn and back - and I for one applaud them all).
It was certainly a low key event ("well its about 2 o'clock so you had
better get off then" was the start; and the entry fee was " a
donation -whatever you like"). But I would recommend the event not just
because of the atmosphere but because the course was quite tough. It rolled
for the whole 10k, with a very long shallow one and two really stiff climbs
(just think of the area around Collon when you've been driving and you will
get a feel for it), so despite it being a low key local event you can give
yourself a serious run if you want, and there was certainly three or four
good runners there for a challenge if that's your thing. No medals, times or
goody bag but who wants yet more, you do get some first-rate homemade cake
and pleasant chat afterwards.

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